The Kuhens Family of the Carolinas

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Update Posted

Culver LaVerne Kuhens
1932 - 2010

        The creation and maintenance of the website behind this update
page was a combined hobby of Culver and Brian Kuhens
from 1998 until Culver's passing in late 2010.
Begun as a way to share  happenings with far-flung relatives, 
the indurated father and son team one last common interest.
       Culver's now heavenly knowledge transcends cyberspace
 for news about his progeny. As such, his website 
stands as an archival testimonial to Culver's
last decade on Earth and to his celebration
of the lives led by his family.

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(this page only) 

On the occasion of the 38th Anniversary of our...
...first kiss, sweet Anna caught us and joined our celebration at Shelter Cove.

No worries. I've got it.
It's not going anywhere.

Click map for more about HHI's six-ton visitor:
Irma swept the navigation bouy eight miles from Port Royal Sound.

Click this photo to see the Greek Festival site:
Sage with her Theia Stella

A decade earlier and so many happy times between:

"Theia" means "Aunt" in Greek.

Sage loves the doll Theia Stella brought...
...back from Greece for her.

Click for more about the 2017 Hospice Yacht Hop:
Honored to attend this year as Dan Pyfer's, a.k.a., "The Prince of Leisure's," wingman.

The Great American Eclipse - 21 August 2017
Moments from totality in our backyard in Simpsonville just south of Greenville.

The genuinely surreal two and
a half minutes under totality
were the fastest ever.

The trees shadows were especially cool ...
... right before and right after totality.

Same shadow after the eclipse:

The next day was Sage's SCHC dorm move-in day.

The view from the window above her bed:
The games at Williams-Brice Stadium can be seen from here.

(this page only) 

It was Culver's vision to
use happy photography
on this family website to
chronicle what happened after
his teenage son returned from
being away from his work as a
Montessori kindergarten teacher
to share what he had just
learned about parenting with
his future bride, Donna.

The beautiful, smart and courageous Katie Elledge:

Brian's high school friend, Lisa
Fulkerson, encouraged him to join
her as a Physical Therapy Patterner
(following the Glenn Doman method)
with Katie Elledge, who suffers from severe
psychomotor disabilties that make even
basic bodily functions like breathing difficult.
Brian synthesized the Doman method with
Maria Montessori's to create a whole child
curriculum with Donna for Sage's early
education and subsequent rearing.

Lisa Fulkerson was a very influential friend.

The concept of Sage began here with Lisa at IAHP.


Returning to GSP Airport from IAHP - 1983

Together 3 years, Brian was 16 and Donna was 17.

About 17 years later...

Brian & Donna & Sage - Summer 1999
Click the photo for more.

About another 17 years later...

for Science and Mathematics
28th Commencement Ceremony

Mom gets the first hug from our graduate:
Mom and Graduate Sage

Another parent offered to get Dad in the shot:

The sitting Director of the United States Office of Management
and Budget (OMB) addressed Sage's graduating class four days
after proposing the fiscal year 2018 presidential budget.

Sage crossed the stage at the one hour mark. 18 minutes later,
Dr. Jason Hong spoke in response to the proposed budget's
reduction in funding investments in Science and Technology.


Saulo Hernandez started at Brian's alma mater,

Riverside, and will be attending Universiteit Twente in the Netherlands.

Will Schmidt started at Hilton Head High
Will Schmidt
and will be attending Duke University.

Brantley Leaphart is from Columbia

and will be attending Brown University.

Jillian Marlowe (Sage's roommate) is from Mauldin

and will be attending Clemson University.

Ian Wilde is from Cowpens and will be attending
the South Carolina Honors College at USC with our legacy.

Nick Peckich is a GSSM Junior from HiltonHead High

and has not yet chosen a college.

Top Lee is from Bermuda and the Cayman Islands

and will be attending Clemson University.

These are rising GSSM Seniors whom Sage tutored:

Most. Compassionate. Administrator. Ever.

Steven Coté was instrumental in Sage's success at GSSM.

The inimitable Dr. Timothy Staples

deftly guided Sage through D.C. for her Senior Interim.

Isobel Mulvaney is from Indian Land

and will be attending Georgetown University as a legacy.

Isobel and Sage went to Prom together.

That's one of Isobel's two Great Danes, Guinness (Harper was out of frame).

Isobel Mulvaney and Sage Kuhens
GSSM Senior Prom
GSSM Senior Prom 2017

Isobel and Sage galavanted across southern Europe
together during their Junior Interim (here in Barcelona).

Isobel is an utter delight with

her brilliance balanced primarily by her kindness.

Sage's hard-won South Carolina Governor's School

for Science and Mathematics Diploma.

The medal that accompanies Sage's GSSM degree:

Our First Inheritance

Bob is still alive in their minds.

     The passing of our parents (Joan; Culver; Jackie) and of our siblings (Pam; Michael) left not only loving memories, but also many final expenses which we are thankful to have been prepared to absorb.
    However, with the recent loss of Donna’s father, Bob Hennequin, we received not only the beautiful memories of a noble man to cherish deeply, but also his last true partner and pet service dog, Athena.

Robert Michael Hennequin
1939 - 2017

Bob (right) on Air Force leave in Germany

     Bob served 25 years in the Air Force, Navy and Navy Reserve and 20 years as a Greenville City Police Officer. This never made him wealthy, per se, but the connections he made along the way allowed him the ability to adopt Athena, an 11-year-old German Shepherd domestically born from two German immigrant parents.
    Trained and handled by Washington K-9, Athena had an accomplished career serving as a Certified Narcotic Detector Dog and has since spent her retirement continuing to serve in hospitals and nursing homes across South Carolina as a Registered Therapy Dog.
    With his family by his bedside in the hospital to the very end, Athena only added to the peace, love and contentment Bob experienced on his way to join his beloved Jackie.


Click HERE to see Fun Facts about K-9 Police Dogs

Athena is adjusting well to Island Life.

Ginger and Fu do not seem impressed by Athenas special breeding.

Hurricane Matthew
No Match For
Hilton Head Islanders

Click to see animation:

   Sage was safely evacuated from The Governor's School in Hartsville to her grandfather's home near Greenville where she also stayed with a family who generously hosted other GSSM evacuees. 
   The Rotarian motto of "Service Above Self," resonated deeply within our decision to remain on the island. In the days leading up to Hurricane Matthew's arrival, Donna, a Registered Nurse, assisted in the evacuation of dozens of patients from Hilton Head Hospitalwhile Brian gathered provisions to distribute to others who would not be leaving before the bridge closed. As such, we were unable to secure our own home's safety until well after our Governor made the evacuation order mandatory and the National Guard closed the bridge.
  Once we finished boarding up our windows and ensured we were as prepared as we could be, we treated ourselves to a surreal bike ride around our virtually deserted island and beach, all the while whistling in the dark and knowing it.

The first load of waters to distribute:

Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned
Mandatory Evacuation Order to clear
our beaches of all those pesky tourists.

The beach was virtually deserted.

A happily inebriated local couple took this photo
ThatSkinnyGirl Kuhens
of us with what one of them kept calling `that skinny girl.`

Donna captured this quintessential shot of the
Ignorant Brian Kuhens
steadfast and blissful ignorance one will only find in South Carolina.

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Our street the morning after the storm:
Our home emerged from the hurricane completely unscathed.

1st dune gone-2nd dune breached-3rd dune intact!
$100 Million 2016 HHI Beach Renourishment completed just in time!

Two of our septuagenarians were holed up here...
PalmettoBayMarina Palmetto Bay Marina.

Palmetto Bay Marina was completely destroyed.
Palmetto Bay Marina Destroyed

Clicking any photo makes it bigger.

The Kuhens Family - Summer 2016

As a rising Senior at the Governor's School, Sage's Summer 2016 Internship was in Columbia where she studied the factors influencing attendance to Class A Minor League Baseball games, with a concentration on the Columbia Fireflies.

Sage's Summer 2016 Internship Office in Columbia
Studying the Factors Influencing Attendance to Class A Minor League Baseball Games

During Sage's internship in Columbia, we stopped by to see an old friend and mentor. We first met Kobayashi Sensei in 1987, quickly becoming friends and students of his language, culture and cuisine. After having travelled across the globe (including Asia) in the three decades since then, we have yet to experience a better Japanese sushi meal anywhere. Kobayashi Sensei's humble demeanor, kindness and generosity is matched only by his mastery of whatever he touches. Should you find yourself near South Carolina's state capitol, please don't miss the opportunity to have one of the best dinners of your life:


Our Five-Year Reunion
Visiting from Galax, Virginia - Summer 1992

A Quarter-Century Later:
Visiting from Hilton Head island - Summer 2016

Sage made a quick visit home for Father's Day.

Mother's Days are always appreciative, loving and joyous for The Kuhens Family, but Summertime Father's Days tend to be geared more toward fun and adventure. 

Sage attends the SC Governor's School as a member of the Class of 2017
Sage at GSSM
Click the photo to learn more about this remarkable STEM boarding school.

For her 2016 Interim course for the Governor's School, Sage studied the history of art and architecture of the Mediterranean coast through Spain, France and Italy. Of the hundreds of interior and exterior photos she sent home, here are just a few.

Overlooking Barcelona

La Plaza de Toros de las Ventas - Madrid
Sage's father and grandfather were at the same spot almost 50 years ago.

Near Pont du Gard, France

Rome, Italy

On a Mediterranean beach near Barcelona, Spain
Sage always heads straight for the water.

Some less familiar architecture in Pisa, Italy.

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Sage backpacking through Avignon, France

Pont du Gard, France

Sage @ 15
Sage Hennequin Kuhens


Our first selfie! -Easter 2015
Kuhens selfie

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Sage's Island Backyard - October 2010

Hilton Head Island Beach House

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Dolphins feeding in the surf at Palmetto Dunes

Sage said she chose to be #13 ...
... as an "In your face" to luck.


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Shallow waters make for safe & fun Kiteboarding


Donna cherishes her Live Oaks:

Sage found a whelk eating a clam:


There is nothing quite like the
freedom one will enjoy while
nestled in the timeless serenity
that can only be found on
bridgeless Daufuskie Island.


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Curious dolphins swim right up to the boat:

Haig Point - Daufuskie Island

Strolling down Haig Point Road

Tabby ruins near our Haig Point home:

Gullah Voodoo

Beach on Daufuskie Island



Bald Eagle at Bloody Point

Weekly Mini Regatta at Windmill Harbor
These are enjoyed most Wednesdays from mid-to-late afternoon, based on winds, rain & tides.


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Sage loves to go parasailing with our friends:

Osprey nest on light post at nearby HHI bank:
Ospreys are also known as Seahawks.

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Snowy Egrets are dancing on the stern:

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Hermit Crabs in a Groin's Pile at Low Tide

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Click here to see a nice Daufuskie Island video.

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Rowing crew is great exercise:

One of our embarkment points:

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Nearby ruins of a church:


Rickshaw Daddy


Big Rigs n' Lil' Cookies